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Service Standards

Royal Ambassador Property Management has been implementing Service Quality Management (SQM) since inception. It strictly follows the principles of SQM: customer focus, total staff involvement, effective measurement, sound and systematic support, and continuous improvement, and has successfully established a corporate culture of quality and excellence.

Core Strengths

A Firm Foundation

With the wide-ranging support and robust systems of the Kooheji Group firmly behind us, we specialise in managing a large and diverse portfolio of quality properties in Bahrain.

Excellent Service Quality

Our property management team comprises qualified professional, supervisors and well-trained staff members at all levels. With abundant experience in management of quality buildings in various sectors, we are able to deliver quality and efficient management service to owners and tenants requiring the highest standard of service.

Professional Staff Training

Training is vital to equip our staff with competence in delivering quality services. Our staff have been provided with comprehensive training in various areas, including customer service, etiquette and quality systems implementation, fire control and crisis management. In addition, they also have professional knowledge of relevant laws and policies with emphasis on regulatory compliance and social responsibility.

Strong Engineering Support

We have a team of professional engineers and surveyors in various disciplines. They can provide value-added services and support to our owners and tenants:

a. Professional Investigation
b. Engineering & Repair Services

Sound Financial Management

The properties we manage undergo comprehensive and stringent financial controls and audits in order to maintain a healthy and sound financial footing. The interests of our owners and tenants are securely protected.

Reliable Quality Management System

We practice and implement Service Quality Management System to monitor the service performance in order to satisfy the customer including internal and external.

Culture of Health and Safety

Safety and health at work is an integral part of our business performance. We promote occupational health and safety awareness in all endeavors involving employees and service providers alike.

Concern for the Environment

At Royal Ambassador Property Management, caring for the environment is a core value influencing all aspects of our management and operations. We strive to maximise efficient use of resources and reduce pollution and waste.

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