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Sales & Marketing

Royal Ambassador Property Management has earned a solid reputation in the real estate industry of increasing project profitability through improved sales and marketing processes. In today’s challenging market, more than ever before it is imperative that clients’ marketing budgets are used in a cost effective method and that sales staff are trained to convert tours to sales.

Royal Ambassador draws from over four decades of real world experience of its parent company, Koheeji Contractors, in managing the day to day operations of sales and marketing organisations. Services include, but are not limited to: financial planning, marketing planning and analysis, sales forecasting, inventory strategy and pricing, sales strategy.

Residential Sales and Leasing

Our Residential Sales and Leasing services is always in step with the changing needs and desires of our clients. Our team comprises highly capable and experienced marketing consultants who possess strong client bases with proven track records and a thorough understanding of the market, the primary and secondary markets for many years.

Our residential team is highly motivated, cohesive and most of all eager to achieve. We aim to build up a reputation for ourselves for making impressive sales results and deliver value with integrity to all our clients.

Our Commitment to Service is our promise to provide total satisfaction to our clients. As part of the Commitment to Service, Royal Ambassador Property Management Co. members agree to:

  • Prepare a good-faith estimate of your home.
  • Conduct a preliminary qualification of prospective buyers.
  • Assist in arranging affordable financing.
  • Make a comparative study of the apartment.
  • Offer application assistance to qualified buyers.
  • Contact you regularly to report the selling progress of your apartment.
  • Review your competitive selling position.

Projects Marketing

Royal Ambassador Property Management Co. has marketed successfully and sold projects like FONTANA TOWERS with incredible results. Our forte lies in project consultancy and marketing. We assist clients in identifying sites, locations, recommendation of development mix and sizes. We help clients identify specific market niches for the project and careful evaluation of market conditions; recommend the best solution for their property needs.

Corporate Residential Services

Royal Ambassador Property Management team specialises in managing the residential portfolio of multinational corporations and provides a comprehensive range of expatriate housing services. Good strategic planning is essential for any corporate residential services. As corporate residential budgeting is an integral part of the operating costs, any poorly planned real estate decision can raise crucial problems such as graining corporate earnings and returns.

At Royal Ambassador Property Management Co., our scope of services can be customised to meet your specific needs from locating the most suitable accommodation to managing the entire lease portfolio. Our in-house expertise also includes property management and financial management.

With our result-oriented mentality, we are confident that we can achieve the best results for our clients. So when the time comes for your next move in Bahrain, don't settle for anything less. Instead, experience the unique services of the Royal Ambassador Property Management Co and its professionals. We are capable of bringing people and properties together…

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